Monday, September 6, 2010

This Girls' Theory On Evolution (Human Feelings)

Isnt it funny how one extreme can push you to another?

One day you could be face down on your bed....then the next day, you are dancing around a shop singing songs that annoy people because they are so corny and happy.

Up, down, side to side, round and round....ways to describe human emotion.

You know those days you say to yourself, its okay, ill deal with it later. IT ALWAYS COMES BACK! Putting off emotions and feelings that you dont want to feel is really not good for anybody, why do we do it? If you could write down the reasons why you do it, it actually seems really ridiculous.

I hear about people worrying about their enemies or awkward situations they could be stuck in, but isnt it true that if you dont put yourself in those situations or confront them sometimes, you wont ever learn how to be better next time?

Tending to believe the worst will make the worst happen...see what effect you get when you make that statement opposite, go on, I dare you...

Not Just For Yours Truly....

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