Monday, November 8, 2010

We Came, We Evolved.....

The human body is an amazing thing.
For all the actions and thoughts we can process in a day, how do we continue to function without fault? Well...without total fault, I mean death.
We encounter disease, sickness and injury in all types and forms, but our brain still processes this, and we can thrive with different types of help like medicine and surgeries, or even the great power of will.

Which brings me to my next few thoughts, the power of will that I encounter in my daily habits, whether it be meeting new people, or going about my daily tasks, I am so very influenced.

When you see somebody on the news who has done something so horrible, do you just sit and think about the world around you? Empathising with this other person? 

Is that why people stop to look at car crashes and crime scenes?

Remember your will power can get you anywhere you want to be or want to go...even need.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Quote A Filter Song....


I stood on the side of a street, high above a town centre (2870), staring into a sunset that carries my hopes and dreams for potential to stay right where I was.
Igniting so many fires inside.

That breath of fresh air that fills your lungs when you are somewhere you really want to be.
That first glance through brand new eyes.
That moment you feel your fingers tingle knowing you sparked your imagination.

I desire, with every last bit of strength in my body.
I dream, with every last thread of my imagination.

Almost brought to tears by the thought of feeling free of the prison I have been trapped in here in my mind, only to be released by my love, my baby, my family.

Never again will I look over my shoulder when I leave.
Never again will I be ashamed of myself when I leave.
Never again will I be reminded of the awful events that happened here when I leave.
Never again will I be judged when I leave.

I push, I thrive, for better. I deserve better, with my new visions.

I pray for my heart to feel this raw emotion again, and for a higher power to allow my spirit to wander.

Not Just For Yours Truly...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lights, Camera.....Reaction

Putting it all on the line.

When you stalk peoples facebook, but dont admit it, do you feel bad? I mean really, they can make their profiles private but there it all is:
*old friends
*friends of friends

When you see people you havent seen in what seems like years and years, do you find yourself rummaging through their walls and interests finding out if they havent changed or where they are now?

Its not a bad thing, not unless you become creepy and constantly annoy them.

The point I am trying to make, no matter how much you update your status or comment on photo's, you are only trying to be nice and have fun. Sometimes you get the urge to splurge and just tell that bitch who annoys the hell out of you to eat dirt and suffer some kind of major setback to put you in front, it will happen but it probably wont make you feel as good as you thought.

No matter how much people know about you, your perception of what they think of you will kill you first.

If you wanna know anything about me, im glad to tell you, because I was a major train wreck for a long time.
The thing is about someone like me, you would never be able to even imagine the bad things I have done to people, but I was just posing for what I thought would get me through life in an easier way.

All I can do now is put the pieces back into the puzzle I call myself and keep moving forward.

If you want to be a better person, come and talk to me, should definitely make you feel better.

I should cut to the chase, I see girls (and even guys) all over facebook, and I just want to tell you to be careful, its easier to crash and burn than it is to shine.
Especially in this pit we call Blayney (and the surrounds).

You can still be fun and outgoing, just watch who you trust.

One day you will know what I mean.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Recklessness in Restlessness

Time is an amazing thing, it makes days longer or shorter, changes people and memories slowly fade.

I am reminded of this lately through different mediums. I see people reminisce, I see people long for either the past or the future, I see people making the most of what they have through fear and I see recklessness due to longing for the moment.

No matter which of these you think is the right thing to do, it happens.

Every night I ponder on the day I just spent wondering about the next day. Anything could happen.

Recently I have uncovered many secrets amongst matters involving me, I have learned of how an annoying habit of mine started. It is strange to think until you realise what you do without noticing. 

I have been offered an opportunity to heal some wounds and open them at the same time, I am really just wanting to heal them and move on. Although my past has caused me great pain and damage, I would rather not make a big deal of any of it and just close it off and focus on now, I am lucky to have what I have now.

I only wish I could pass on my experience and advice to those who want to avoid turmoil themselves, but this is is a small town, nobody would take it the way I would like it to be taken.

Not Just For Yours Truly...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Phat Ill (Formerly Known As Shit Hot)

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look different, whether it be abstract or kooky...cute or fuzzy, whatever makes you feel on top of the world, should never stop you from feeling vulnerable in a bad way.

I get to thinking when I hear different songs how much I want to create a video for that song, or jump on top of a table and start dancing without being called a slut. And who cares if you dont look like the girl in the magazine or the guy behind the microphone, you can still be happy and have so much fun without caring about what the world thinks, its you that feels the feelings!

I have often been jealous of girls (and guys), but only because they are gorgeous, fun and talented people I get inspiration from. There are a handful of girls who I find so fascinating and they dont think they are! I would love to hang with them and just pick their brains. I would love to say your names but I think you know who you are!
Two girls have some awesome creative beauty talent, two girls have an eye for the extravagance in a camera lens and a couple of other girls have such humour you only find on paper with an X rating on it.
Love you girls.

So a toast to the ladies (and lads) who make it different and make my day even more of an inspiration, you honestly show me what its like to be determined and never change your ways for the posers. 

Lets smash and trash the normalities of this life and not give in.

Stand up in those heels or sneaks, wear the fishnets, take the leather jacket, whatever you wanna do....lets kill that shit...get some chumps talking.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Left Foot, Right Foot

Why do people constantly question others motives when it doesnt involve them at all?

People suck themselves into drama so very easily, but when it comes to being happy, its just too hard. This is confusing, as being happy is not hard at all.

That feeling you get when you see your favourite musician in concert, the feeling of bass pumping through your chest and that one moment when you swear you can relate to something tangible, that is possible more than just those handful of times in life. You have the power to make it happen.

People ask me if I ever worry about what people think after things I have been through, but only I know the true extent and I have made amends as much as I can. Its all you can do, you feel ashamed on your own, but then again, you can make up for all the wrong you have done. Doesnt matter if it takes you a long time, at least you are trying.

People always feel the need to judge but then do the same thing they just judged a person for doing. I feel sorry for those who dont know any better. Close-minded.

Even if you wake up tomorrow and is the day and you dont feel happy...dont feel guilty...
there is always the day after that.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

Monday, September 6, 2010

This Girls' Theory On Evolution (Human Feelings)

Isnt it funny how one extreme can push you to another?

One day you could be face down on your bed....then the next day, you are dancing around a shop singing songs that annoy people because they are so corny and happy.

Up, down, side to side, round and round....ways to describe human emotion.

You know those days you say to yourself, its okay, ill deal with it later. IT ALWAYS COMES BACK! Putting off emotions and feelings that you dont want to feel is really not good for anybody, why do we do it? If you could write down the reasons why you do it, it actually seems really ridiculous.

I hear about people worrying about their enemies or awkward situations they could be stuck in, but isnt it true that if you dont put yourself in those situations or confront them sometimes, you wont ever learn how to be better next time?

Tending to believe the worst will make the worst happen...see what effect you get when you make that statement opposite, go on, I dare you...

Not Just For Yours Truly....