Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Left Foot, Right Foot

Why do people constantly question others motives when it doesnt involve them at all?

People suck themselves into drama so very easily, but when it comes to being happy, its just too hard. This is confusing, as being happy is not hard at all.

That feeling you get when you see your favourite musician in concert, the feeling of bass pumping through your chest and that one moment when you swear you can relate to something tangible, that is possible more than just those handful of times in life. You have the power to make it happen.

People ask me if I ever worry about what people think after things I have been through, but only I know the true extent and I have made amends as much as I can. Its all you can do, you feel ashamed on your own, but then again, you can make up for all the wrong you have done. Doesnt matter if it takes you a long time, at least you are trying.

People always feel the need to judge but then do the same thing they just judged a person for doing. I feel sorry for those who dont know any better. Close-minded.

Even if you wake up tomorrow and is the day and you dont feel happy...dont feel guilty...
there is always the day after that.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

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