Monday, November 8, 2010

We Came, We Evolved.....

The human body is an amazing thing.
For all the actions and thoughts we can process in a day, how do we continue to function without fault? Well...without total fault, I mean death.
We encounter disease, sickness and injury in all types and forms, but our brain still processes this, and we can thrive with different types of help like medicine and surgeries, or even the great power of will.

Which brings me to my next few thoughts, the power of will that I encounter in my daily habits, whether it be meeting new people, or going about my daily tasks, I am so very influenced.

When you see somebody on the news who has done something so horrible, do you just sit and think about the world around you? Empathising with this other person? 

Is that why people stop to look at car crashes and crime scenes?

Remember your will power can get you anywhere you want to be or want to go...even need.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

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