Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Quote A Filter Song....


I stood on the side of a street, high above a town centre (2870), staring into a sunset that carries my hopes and dreams for potential to stay right where I was.
Igniting so many fires inside.

That breath of fresh air that fills your lungs when you are somewhere you really want to be.
That first glance through brand new eyes.
That moment you feel your fingers tingle knowing you sparked your imagination.

I desire, with every last bit of strength in my body.
I dream, with every last thread of my imagination.

Almost brought to tears by the thought of feeling free of the prison I have been trapped in here in my mind, only to be released by my love, my baby, my family.

Never again will I look over my shoulder when I leave.
Never again will I be ashamed of myself when I leave.
Never again will I be reminded of the awful events that happened here when I leave.
Never again will I be judged when I leave.

I push, I thrive, for better. I deserve better, with my new visions.

I pray for my heart to feel this raw emotion again, and for a higher power to allow my spirit to wander.

Not Just For Yours Truly...

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