Monday, September 20, 2010

Phat Ill (Formerly Known As Shit Hot)

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look different, whether it be abstract or kooky...cute or fuzzy, whatever makes you feel on top of the world, should never stop you from feeling vulnerable in a bad way.

I get to thinking when I hear different songs how much I want to create a video for that song, or jump on top of a table and start dancing without being called a slut. And who cares if you dont look like the girl in the magazine or the guy behind the microphone, you can still be happy and have so much fun without caring about what the world thinks, its you that feels the feelings!

I have often been jealous of girls (and guys), but only because they are gorgeous, fun and talented people I get inspiration from. There are a handful of girls who I find so fascinating and they dont think they are! I would love to hang with them and just pick their brains. I would love to say your names but I think you know who you are!
Two girls have some awesome creative beauty talent, two girls have an eye for the extravagance in a camera lens and a couple of other girls have such humour you only find on paper with an X rating on it.
Love you girls.

So a toast to the ladies (and lads) who make it different and make my day even more of an inspiration, you honestly show me what its like to be determined and never change your ways for the posers. 

Lets smash and trash the normalities of this life and not give in.

Stand up in those heels or sneaks, wear the fishnets, take the leather jacket, whatever you wanna do....lets kill that shit...get some chumps talking.

Not Just For Yours Truly....

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