Friday, October 8, 2010

Recklessness in Restlessness

Time is an amazing thing, it makes days longer or shorter, changes people and memories slowly fade.

I am reminded of this lately through different mediums. I see people reminisce, I see people long for either the past or the future, I see people making the most of what they have through fear and I see recklessness due to longing for the moment.

No matter which of these you think is the right thing to do, it happens.

Every night I ponder on the day I just spent wondering about the next day. Anything could happen.

Recently I have uncovered many secrets amongst matters involving me, I have learned of how an annoying habit of mine started. It is strange to think until you realise what you do without noticing. 

I have been offered an opportunity to heal some wounds and open them at the same time, I am really just wanting to heal them and move on. Although my past has caused me great pain and damage, I would rather not make a big deal of any of it and just close it off and focus on now, I am lucky to have what I have now.

I only wish I could pass on my experience and advice to those who want to avoid turmoil themselves, but this is is a small town, nobody would take it the way I would like it to be taken.

Not Just For Yours Truly...

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